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Mx, Mr, & Ms

Rock County Pride Pageant.

 Jr. Rock County Pride Category!

During Toto's Halloween Hop on October 23rd, 2021
at the birch room (3807 S Riverside Dr, Beloit, WI 53511)
7:00 PM


Since we were unable to Rock the Pride due to COVID-19, we will re-crown our Mr., Ms., & Mx. Rock County Royalty at Toto’s Halloween Hop! In addition, we invite performers of high school age or younger to vie for the title of Jr. Rock County Pride!


Open pageant. High school age or younger. Any gender can run for this title.


Job Description: As Jr. Rock County Pride Royalty you will be asked to "enthusiastically help Rock County’s LGBTQ+ community to the best of your ability."

How to Enter:​

  • Attend Toto's Halloween Hop. Tickets are not provided but can be purchased online for $10 or at the door for $12. 

  • Come in costume, prepared to perform. 

  • Register either online or at the door. Performance slots are limited and first come first serve. 

  • Bring ONE number of any style/type to perform on stage. If you are using music, please email a copy to DJ Femme Noir ( with your stage name. (Numbers must be appropriate for all ages… not vulgar or overly sexual.)

  • Answer why you want to be Jr. Rock County Pride.

  • Earn as many tips from the audience as possible and consider donating them to Yellow Brick Road Organization to raise money for Queer Prom. 


Prize Package:

  • Winners receive a crown

  • Professional Picture Package

  • Winners will have the option to perform in Dorothy's Drag Ball (winter) & the Rock the Pride 2022 Drag Show (summer)

Sponsored by: Yellow Brick Road Organization​

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